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About Brain Play

Technology is everywhere in our current world and we believe all Kiwi kids should have a chance to learn about and experience the amazing opportunities technology can provide us with.


We believe learning should always be about fun and teaching practical concepts that can be used in the real world, we know our students appreciate this approach as well.


We’re a New Zealand based company that teach our own curriculum to supplement and extend knowledge taught in New Zealand schools.

Mission & Vision

Our goal at Brain Play is to expose as many Kiwi kids as possible to the creative and important world of technology.

We want our students to become confident with basic technology skills such as navigating a device confidently, through to complex skills such as mastering the knowledge behind coding concepts and using this knowledge to produce new and never before seen technological designs.


We want all students who enrol in our courses to enjoy themselves, learn concepts and skills, and ultimately, be able to incorporate technology into their lives and futures to create success in whichever field they choose to pursue.

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What we teach

Brain Play teaches STEM-based classes including coding, robotics, 3d printing and electronics during after-school hours, in schools, at holiday programmes, during late night and weekend community events, and in student 1:1 settings.  


These technology fields can help students progress to activities such as creating apps, designing websites, directing animations and interactive stories and building, constructing and controlling a variety of robots.

If your school, group, or you personally would like to know more, reach out to us on

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Who is Brain Play for

Brain Play technology classes are for anyone!


Our free trial offer not only provides you with a hands-on demonstration of the courses we teach, it also provides our tutors with a detailed idea of a student’s experience, ability and goals. This way we can decide on a suitable starting point and a course to suit the individual student. Our after-school classes are targeted for ages 5 - 15.


Even if a technology course you’re looking for isn’t listed on our website, do get in touch! The best thing about technology is that it’s forever improving and progressing which means the courses we teach at Brain Play will too.​


We extend our classes to adults and families too. Keep an eye out on our website and Facebook Page  to see our weekend and late night events often in collaboration with other fantastic New Zealand organisations including GirlGuiding New Zealand, Big Buddy NZ and Auckland Council.

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