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Brain Play 1:1 lessons

Brain Play now delivers 1:1 lessons!

These lessons are suitable for any parent / student interested in having in-depth, personalised, adaptable STEM lessons.


Some projects we are currently working on with our students include storyboarding & filming an extended stop motion film, exploring and repairing old laptops & iphones, 3d designing and printing a board game, and repairing and building 3d printers.

These classes will be suitable for any students looking for personalised STEM content including homeschool students, gifted students, and neurodiverse students.

We will be offering these classes in-person & online.

Fees per lesson (1 hour) start at $80.00.


If you are eligible for ORS, IF, or carer support funding, please mention this in your email & our team can support you with this process.

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