At Brain Play we offer after-school technology classes covering the topics coding, robotics and 3d printing. 


Students enrol for the duration of term, and attend the same one hour time slot every week. We run 3:15pm / 3:30pm / 3:45pm classes, depending on your chosen Brain Play location, as well at 4:15 / 4:30pm / 4:45pm classes. 


The great thing about enrolling with Brain Play is that you only need to book for one chosen class to learn about all three of our tech topics - coding, robotics, and 3d printing. Throughout the term we dedicate each one hour lesson to one of our tech topics meaning students have the opportunity to to experiment with, and grow confidence in different technological fields.


At Brain Play we teach introductory, supplementary and extension coding classes.


Coding is another word used for computer programming. These classes help students of any age master coding concepts that match their ability and help them reach their goals.


Coding can be used to create apps, online games and animations, design website pages, program robots, create files used for 3d printing, and so much more!


At Brain Play we teach introductory robotics classes.


We'll be working with robots such as Makeblock models, Ozobots, solar robots, Edison bots, custom built and 3d printed robots, and Meccano - but not as some of you might know it.


Robotics classes at Brain Play teach the practical design and building of various robots but they also teach coding. Coding skills are essential in robotics as this is how we give our robot instructions to follow.

3D Printing & Design

3d printing and computer aided design (CAD) go hand in hand and Brain Play teaches them both.


We use CAD software that teaches students how to place, manoeuvre, manipulate and create original 3d printable models. Students then print their models on one of our Wanhao Duplicator i3 plus / mini printers.


At Brain Play we teach a few introductory electronics classes during the term as well. We use circuit boards which teach students about LEDs, buzzers, speakers, switches, and a variety of sensors.


We extend this in-class content in the holiday programme to delve deeper into electronics content like Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Class Timetable

Grey Lynn
Open Day


Classes Beginning 3:15pm and 4:15pm

Upper Harbour, Hobsonville Point, Freemans Bay, Manly, Hauraki.

Grey Lynn - beginning week 3 of term (Wednesday 11th August).

Hauraki - booking form to come! Check back on Friday 19th July.

Classes Beginning 3:30pm and 4:30pm

Red Beach (Wednesday only), Kumeu, Pinehurst, Parnell, Mairangi Bay.

Classes Beginning 3:45pm and 4:45pm

Red Beach (Monday only) Te Atatu, Te Manawa, Online (4:50pm for second class).